Monday, November 20, 2006

Contribution from Angel on our blog


Governor Jeb Bush
The Capitol
400 South Monroe Street
Florida 32399

We believe people are entitled to justice under the U.S.A. Constitution, one innocent man received the ultimate punishment of the Death Penalty, because the case was mishandled by the state and federal courts. We seek a full review and pardon for Angel Diaz # 101061, sentenced to Death on January 24th 12986. These cases (which span 4 decades and 6 counties) have serious errors which demonstrate typical but deadly failures in Florida’s Capital Justice System.
Such includes:
 defense attorneys were grossly incompetent and inexperienced
 when their negligence was questioned, court ruled such bad behaviours (such as missing filing deadlines) was a "strategic tactical decision" and thus permissible conduct.
 Prosecuters who wanted to win at any cost, withheld exculatory evidence, such as DNA test results
 The prosecuters made secret leniency deals with jail house snitches in exchange for false testimony
 Prosecuters conducted private conversations about the case with the Judge, Police Officers, who failed to fully investigate the case and instead forced an indictment of their targeted suspect.
 Dishonest law enforcement methods included coercing and bullying witnesses and the defendant. Planting, destroying, withholding and misrepresenting evidence, prior to, during and after trials.+
 Judges limited meaningful cross-examination of witnesses, allowed prejudicial information to be presented to the jury and denied they had a personal interest in the case’s outcome.
Such rulings helped them and their cronies to get re-elected. Most jurors were biased by media coverage and some knew the victims personally. Those who expressed reservations about the death penalty were excluded. Defendants often presented to the juries in a prejudicial light, were denied funds for effective investigations, and excluded from meaningful court proceedings.
Appellate courts upheld these wrongful death sentence by using procedural bars on time and evidence to limit or keep any new evidence from coming to light when it did . Courts ruled such prosecutorial misconduct or new evidence "harmless error ".
The State and federal Courts have upheld wrongful convictions and sentences and over look egregious of defense council, prosecutors, police and judges. This continues because there are no sanctions for those who conduct a malicious prosecution. Rather the defendant, considered a throw away of society, pays the price, the courts must oversee, arbitrate and adhere to the principles of "justice’ and not allow those sworn to uphold justice to defame our system with impunity.
Our constitution will die with these men, unless we speak out.
We request that these cases be justly heard, all errors of the responsible parties be addressed, new trials in accord with society’s right to justice and fair proceedings be held. And additionally a thorough review of the criminal justice system in the state of Florida to prevent further errors. Otherwise, we devolve life and freedom, putting each and every citizen at risk.

Respectfully yours,


President Bush, The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20500

Mr. Larry Cox, Executive Director, Amnesty International USA, 5 Penn Plaza, NY 10001

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