Saturday, November 25, 2006

Capital Defense Weekly on Angel Diaz

Thursday, November 23, 2006

New Resources

Several new resources we have been watching here (and two others that are new to us) that we should probably note.

The singularly most important of those resources is from the Capital Defense Network (no affiliation). The CDN crowd now provides limited updates of federal capital cases, both in post-conviction and at the trial level (although the latter seems to be lagging somewhat). Unfortunately no RSS feed exists for this invaluable resource BUT their depth of coverage on cases they chose to write about is far deeper and more germane than what you will see here. Capital litigation is my passion, it is there profession.

Several other blogs we are watching includes the international death penalty site of Amnesty International, MADPET-Malaysians Against Death Penalty & Torture, The China Law Blawg (which has been covering Chinese capital punishment developments with some frequency), and, finally, Angel Diaz (it appears to cover information relating to his imminent execution date in Florida).

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