Sunday, December 24, 2006

In memory of Angel Diaz

Attached is a picture of some flowers that started to bloom on 13th of December just as Britta and I were going to the vigil. they are in memory of Angel Diaz.


jckgmb said...

are you kidding me, this guy should had been put to death years ago. he was in prison in pr for killing somebody else. i am glad i no longer have to feed this animal.

Anonymous said...

TO ANGELS FAMILY AND FRIENDS, I am so so sorry for Angels Death, it just shows that the death penalty should be abolished, just as we did in uk, More should be done to abolish this bombaric act. R.I.P Angel.

And to Jckgmb, you are some sick person to write what you did on someones inmemoriam page, i just hope you never have a member of your family in trouble with the law and all its corruption, you have no respect for the Family, how you would like it someone writing trash about your family and dont tell me that none of your family has ever got into trouble, maybe you should look in the closet to find the family secrets eh, you obviously dont know about the system eh.

Anonymous said...

A flower for Devil Diaz?
Wachadoos you are.

Anonymous said...

If we are going to have a death penalty in the USA, it should be Federal, uniform and consistent. You may be surprised to know that Israel has no death penalty, except for organized genocide and that only one man was ever judicially executed in Israel. Finally, in the OJ trial, suppose the same set of events had taken place, but in Mississipi and OJ was poor instead of wealthy? What do you think would have likely happened? James Michael Feinstein, Sunnyvale, California