Saturday, December 9, 2006

He expects steady pace of executions

Crist to uphold death penalty

He expects steady pace of executions

The Associated Press
Posted December 9 2006

JACKSONVILLE · Gov.-elect Charlie Crist expects to continue signing death warranat a similar pace to Gov. Jeb Bush, who signed the black-bordered documents resulting in 20 executions, the most of any governor since the state resumed capital punishment in 1979.

"I support the death penalty," said Crist, who earned the nickname "Chain Gang Charlie" for his support of inmate chain gangs while in the Florida Legislature. "It's a solemn task, but I believe in it, so I will sign them and review that process as the transition moves forward."

Crist said he will be as deliberative as his predecessor.

"It all depends on the cases that come up," he said. "I'll carry out the law, but it is a very solemn task."

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