Sunday, December 3, 2006

A habit of using jailhouse snitches

  • The prosecutor suppressed the statement by a guard who overheard Rhodes confess to two inmates.
  • Prosecutor lied saying he gave Rhodes the deal only because he passed a polygraph exam: the polygraph was a sham.
  • In Sonia's case, the jailhouse informant who later recanted said the prosecutor knew she, the snitch, was making it up.
  • In Jesse's case, the prosecutor came up with a bogus jailhouse snitch named as a witness on the first day of trial and failed to divulge facts about that witness' career as a snitch.
  • (State's Attorney Satz apparently has a habit of using jailhouse snitches in a large percentage of his cases.) In Sonia's case, the prosecutor failed to turn over the exculpatory polygraph summary.
  • Although the statement only directly exculpated Sonia, because Jesse and Sonia were linked by Rhodes' testimony, any evidence contradicting his trial testimony and showing him to be a liar would also have helped Jesse.
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