Saturday, December 2, 2006

Feds Informant Policy Under Fire

Feds Informant Policy Under Fire

By Jeralyn, Section Misconduct
Posted on Fri Dec 02, 2005 at 12:55:25 PM EST

I've been waiting years to see a report like this in today's Los Angeles Times.

A recent inspector general's investigation of the FBI's informant program noted violations in that agency's use of snitches in 87% of cases reviewed.

The story behind the story:

A Yemeni immigrant's activities cast a shadow on federal agencies' use of informants. One man the felon fingered didn't go quietly to prison.

Ismael took on the system and won:

He says he never lost faith that the truth would emerge. "I knew there were corrupt agencies, like you see in the movies," Ismael said. "But I figured the court couldn't be corrupt, too. "If the court were corrupt, people wouldn't want to live in America."

Snitch testimony is purchased testimony. It is bought with promises of leniency. Freedom is a far more precious commodity than money. The incentive to lie is enormous. Only by telling the Government's version of the truth does the snitch get his pay-off: a lesser sentence for his own misdeeds.

Say no to snitching.

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